Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Amy's Toit Nups (Mashup)

2018-05-22 00:02:51
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Amy's Toit Nups (Mashup)

The story of what happened between Jake and Amy, romantic styles.
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The hilarious heroics of New York’s funniest police precinct continue for a new season, with a brand-new home: NBC.

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SNL alum Andy Samberg and Emmy winner Andre Braugher lead this diverse, critically acclaimed ensemble that solves crimes like only they can – with tons of humor and the heart to match. Winner of a Golden Globe Award for Best Comedy Series and from Executive Producers Michael Schur and Dan Goor, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” has captured the hearts of millions, and NBC is proud to be a part of the story.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Jake and Amy’s Toit Nups (Mashup) ^(

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ^(
brooklyn 99

brooklyn 99


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  • Funky Monkey ^( says:

    The music sounds like a movie trailer

  • Ritrisha Mondal ^( says:

    I am such a Boyle when it comes to peraltiago

  • Ritrisha Mondal ^( says:

    I need someone like them in my life

  • Mohammad Deoun ^( says:

    Charles is so underrated

  • Manash Malakar ^( says:

    Amy : We should move in together
    Jake: You and charles?
    Amy : No, you and me
    How are they together?

  • Anubhav Tiwari ^( says:

    Couple goals:
    Ritesh- genelia
    Jake- Amy

  • unnikrishnan Nagarajan ^( says:

    im not crying its just cool…coool cool cool coo cool

  • Matthew Lacey ^( says:

    Anyone know what the music in the background is?

  • Mrmeble ^( says:

    0:09 ^( Terry vibing

  • Jemma Davies ^( says:

    how come i have never seen this?!? the cutest video on earth🥺🥺

  • Hasan Engin ^( says:


  • Euan Orbiso ^( says:

    this is one of the best mash ups i watch in my life. I LOVE IT SO MUCH..

  • pUrU AzAd ^( says:

    Why would you ruin such a beautiful video by including Teddy in it! That part was so boring

  • Aiden Greiner ^( says:

    ight i had to do it :
    who’s the best couple
    1.Jim and Pam
    2.Jake and Amy
    3.Ben Wyatt and Leslie

  • Barrie K ^( says:

    Everyone thinks they’re Jake or Amy, but deep down, we’re all Charles.

  • Manish Mhetre ^( says:

    1:38 ^( most intense kiss ever.

  • Ar3mis ^( says:

    Charles is that one friend we all want in our life.

  • Thonglunpao Papao Baite ^( says:

    This editing makes it seem like something out of a romedy. Only better

  • LazeySnakey 616 ^( says:

    I love how their "worse date ever" eventually lead to them getting married and being happy

  • mackenzie98 ^( says:

    I think this just may be my favourite video on YouTube! 🥰❤️😆

  • Katie Powell ^( says:

    Someone name another nontoxic relationship plz. I need another show to watch.

  • Rianna Bailey ^( says:

    Boyle and Brooklyn 99 making my day for the umpteenth time 😂😂😂

  • Rutuja Vartak ^( says:

    Hi.. I'd like to order a Jake Peralta, please…

  • Ashwath Chakravarthi ^( says:

    IG Tv please

  • Anjan Paudel ^( says:


  • Steven Giffin ^( says:

    The 654 downvotes are all the people sad that the video wasn’t longer, like myself who’s gone full Boyle on these two lol

  • Rickey Vinluan ^( says:

    "amy's ovulating as we speak"

  • Alessia Preziosa ^( says:

    The ONLY proposal I cried to

  • Connor Gowans ^( says:

    Romantic stylz

  • KyleFatPug ^( says:

    idk one time when charles doesn't die.

  • engineeringsquirrel ^( says:

    Their first date, Amy wanted to be 4-drink-Amy. Noice.

  • Mr.Robot ^( says:

    Hey guys! Amy is ovulating as we watch this 🙂

  • manisha kanwar ^( says:

    If Ted never tell jake that Amy like jake. So thank you boring Ted. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Wen Hong ^( says:

    The face Jake made when he thought Amy and Charles are moving in together is priceless

  • Dìonadair ^( says:

    Cutest comedy couple ever.

  • Nelson Pedraza ^( says:

    OMG I'm melting!!!! <3 <3 <3 Romeo and Juliet were orangutans in comparison

  • Aman Munnolli ^( says:

    Best video of B99 out there❤️❤️

  • Veronica Weasley ^( says:

    How many times did I repeat this? I honestly don't know. They're just so perfect together! Can't wait for Season 8 where I can continue fangirling just like Charles. xoxo

  • Sachin Agarwal ^( says:

    My fav story!❤️

  • lilKMD 21 ^( says:

    The best moment for them was when jake just stopped and said u won

  • _oz_dog_ ^( says:

    That is soooooo great!!!!!!