Best of Hitchcock and Scully | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

2017-11-28 17:00:09
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Best of Hitchcock and Scully | Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The best of the far from dynamic duo. Watch full episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Google Play: ^( Watch full episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine …
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brooklyn 99


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  • The Villain ^( says:

    5:03 ^( hilarious

  • Naveen Raji Eapen ^( says:

    Someone tell me what hitchcook was gonna say at 2:42 ^( Badge before what??

  • -* Ally *- ^( says:

    Did anyone realise that the first scene in the video is in 1970 but The young hitchcock and skully scene is set in 1989

  • FAN401 Rai ^( says:

    1:02 ^( i laughed out loud when i first saw this in season 3 episode 14 probably .

  • elitekatie ^( says:

    Hitchcock just drank his own fish.

  • red666 ^( says:

    "ya cuck" gets me every time

  • Ahmad Riaz Nayer ^( says:

    I still wonder, Kelly is "wife" or a "dog"

  • Tom ^( says:

    1:30 ^( I laughed so hard at this

  • Ayy-Ell ^( says:

    I always find Scully cute.

  • Kamila ^( says:

    In one episode when S&H worked on case with Charles ad he was angry with them bc S&H were useless they quickly solved the case and told Charles they just choose not to do anything.

  • Jeff Fletcher ^( says:

    petition to have a spin-off focus on H&S in their 70/80s

  • Jason ^( says:

    wait…. Scully looks like that in the 70s? But he was a stud in the 80s? PLOT HOLE?

  • Dead Account ^( says:

    Hitchcock drinking his own fish is so funny

  • Here is Dheeptha ^( says:

    Wait.. What happened to Scully's wife Kelly? How did he start seeing Cindy

  • Prajjwal Mathur ^( says:

    Scully's singing skills are OP and soothing 👌🏼

  • Gavin Perry ^( says:

    Best part of Scully and Hitchcock is they're so random….. It's like the writers just absorb their surroundings and they just write anything and then these guys nail the role

  • Mthrfckr Jones ^( says:

    WE ARE TURNIPS! 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Rucha Mushrif ^( says:

    Sometimes I get scared that I relate to scully on many occasions 😱😂

  • Simon Tran ^( says:

    5:15 ^( HOWUMMMH

  • Simon Tran ^( says:

    he's Right

  • Jordan Ashe ^( says:

    Scully looked like he does now in the 70s but was ripped af in the 80s?

  • Champagnezazii ^( says:

    Am I the only one who loves Scully 😂 second favourite character after my boy Charles

  • Mcmiles inc. ^( says:

    “Wait, you assume Hitchcock and I wanna eat that Turkey?”
    “Thank you”
    Best part of the video

  • Beelzebub Crumpethorn ^( says:

    “That’s because it’s all wart.”

  • Graeme Stanley ^( says:

    In the 7th season Scully becomes my favourite character

  • Austin Furtado ^( says:

    9:06 ^( can someone plz tell me which episode this is from coz I don't remember watching this scene