January 29, 2023

Bajwa Undisclosed Assets | Tasneem Haider Shah PC | Arshad Sharif | Gen Faisal | Martial Law – IK Theviraltime

Bajwa Undisclosed Assets | Tasneem Haider Shah PC | Arshad Sharif | Gen Faisal | Martial Law - IK

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Bajwa Undisclosed Assets | Tasneem Haider Shah PC | Arshad Sharif | Gen Faisal | Martial Law – IK

General Bajwa Undisclosed Assets?Tasneem Haider Shah Arshad Sharif Gen Faisal|Imran Khan Martial Law
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As-salamu alaykum, My name is Sabee Kazmi. My work is to provide you with the latest information about current affairs in Pakistan, Pakistan politics, and the latest news. I collect data from authentic, legit sites and sources and spend a lot of time creating these videos. I hope you will get authentic information from this video Thank You.
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About the video:
Gen Bajwa Money Laundering, assets, Tasneem Haider Shah is a real character or a Gen Faisal Naseer game? Martial Law on 26 November or Imran Khan Surprise?
1: imran khan latest plan – pmln london plan against imran khan – who is behind london plan
2: gen bajwa undisclosed assets – details about gen bajwa assets – kia gen bajwa martial law lagaey ga – martial law news in pakistan – what will do against imran khan
3: Bajwa Undisclosed Assets | Tasneem Haider Shah PC | Arshad Sharif | Gen Faisal | Martial Law – IK
4: who is tasneem haider shah – latest press conference of tasneem haider shah – why tasneem haider shah disclosed and exposed london plan
5: what the hidden purpose of tasneem shah – pmln tasneem shah – pmln uk and london – what is london plan – who exposed london plan of pmln – pmln london plan
6: pmln plan aginst arshad sharif and imran khan – london plan and arshad sharif – hidden news about arshad sharif
7: what is new plan of imran khan – imran khan ka plan kia hy – imran khan ling march
8: who is gen faisal naseer – general faisal naseer and imran khan clash – imran khan and faisal naseer
9: martial law kon lagaey ga – kia pakistan men naya martial law lagey ga – kia bajwa martial law laga dey ga – martial law in pakistan

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