Applying to Fashion School with NO EXPERIENCE (What's it like…?)

2020-09-09 17:26:32
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Applying to Fashion School with NO EXPERIENCE (What's it like…?)

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what it’s like to apply to fashion school with NO prior experience. So, here’s me talking about applying to FIT in NYC as well as what it was like being there. Hope this makes you less intimidated if you’re someone who’s afraid to take the chance! Pce nd luv to all. Mwah.

Here’s the link for the fashion pattern book! ^(
fashion school paris

fashion school paris


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  • Yaraa Alfarhani ^( says:

    thank you so much

  • Shachi Macasaquit ^( says:

    Lol i like how he’s wearing this cool shirt and when he stood up his blue shorts peeked

  • Mihlee Ndevu ^( says:

    You freacking me out u making it look hectic 😯😥

  • Puteri Nazareth Sofea ^( says:

    A curious Malaysian here. Thank you! 🤗

  • Kofuku B ^( says:

    I honestly feel a lot similar to ur story like I’m studying finance right now due to career reasons but I’ve always been into fashion design and international studies. I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was a kid. I do not have any experiences besides my own styling fashion ideas. Like I’m studying finance but I’m barely into it lol. Also, it is so competitive to have a career in fashion and you need to really have it in you for you to be there. Idk if I have that in me.

  • Jules Swayne ^( says:

    Thinks for all that

  • Joyce S Weddeh ^( says:

    i wanna apply at fit but i don’t have nyc money😔

  • Alpha Nemesis ^( says:

    I love fashion design and fashion industry as a whole but investment thing makes me scared. Now i'm majoring in Advertising because i love this too and jobs are great even i can do job at a fashion brand!

  • Paola Rodriguez ^( says:

    What if I want to do something related to fashion but not a fashion designer, can I still go to fashion school? I’d like to be an stylist or a fashion marketer/merchandiser

  • Aran Brancato ^( says:

    Guess I got some more famous alumni. Class of 2025 let's go

  • Zoe Wich ^( says:

    When you're not 18 or younger anymore…

  • to what school do you have to apply if you wanna become a stylist?

  • Andi S ^( says:

    Not me watching this after FIT rejected me

  • Laura Mena ^( says:

    I kind of love you! I wanna major in fashion!

  • Karla Gonzalez ^( says:

    The best to you! Hope to see your brand some day. Thanks for being so honest and genuine

  • Three Addys ^( says:

    Thank you for your video and information it motivated me run for my dream . What was the name of the fashion School you went to?

  • Victoria Quiroga ^( says:

    you make me feel more confidence in myself, thank u for that joe 🤍🤝🏼

  • Khushboo Khatri ^( says:

    I needed this <3

  • Breznev Olaso ^( says:

    I'm totally impressed, a straight guy who enrolled fashion design. I'm also a fashion design student on my way to apprenticeship.

  • Aidah Robbi R ^( says:

    I'm in my fresmen year of college as a fashion student and i feel so insecure because most of my friends have background in fashion as they studied fashion in high school but after seeing this video it makes me so much better.. thank you Joe for sharing this to us! stay safe and healthy.

  • Upvoted ^( says:

    All u need is shit load of money 😉

  • Lostland ^( says:

    He looks like Johnny from NCT

  • Luna aa ^( says:

    What r the opportunities that fashion school gives u like the jobs & careers, is it only creating a brand and selling clothes?

  • Arshia Madan ^( says:

    omg i really needed this❤️❤️❤️

  • Kimi M ^( says:

    I’m starting fashion school this September and I NEEDED this video, I’m in almost the exact same situation, I have basic sewing knowledge and an interest but not vast knowledge of fashion. Thank you for making me feel better about going as pretty much a beginner!