Apple screwed this up… – iPad Pro 2020 Review

2020-04-16 19:11:49
#Apple #screwed #iPad #Pro #Review #Theiraltime
Apple screwed this up… – iPad Pro 2020 Review

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The 2020 iPad Pro from Apple is BASICALLY the same as the 2018 iPad Pro… but that’s not why we’re disappointed.

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technology review

technology review


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  • edu_sombra ^( says:

    The first 15 seconds can be said also now, with the m1 ipads

  • Charlie Diaz ^( says:

    Apple knows what they doing……..

  • Daniel Marques ^( says:

    Where is the problem of being a computer and a free table device? You sound like they need to be only one of those.

  • Jaimin Parmar ^( says:

    2:00 ^( which keyboard is he using?

  • Chrelle Haugaard ^( says:

    this was the last video havin the old intro, before rtx :O

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    Linus your wrong everybody love the iPad Pro it's only you and please stop saying bad things about apple 🍎

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    I will make fun of you with a beautiful iPad Pro

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    People who film with iPads are not monster for example if a kid is filming with a iPad you call that kid a monster well your a monster 💩

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    Well I like the fact that it fits on the things that your selecting 😝

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    I am not confused instead I am really happy that apple put a Ultra-wide camera and a Lidar Scanner

  • SmoothieGuy ^( says:

    What the heck your saying linus

  • Esain Pereda ^( says:

    I picked it up for photo editing and short 2-3min B roll video editing and i love it.

  • Samuel Francis ^( says:

    Shut up you talk to mach

  • Gustavo André Gonçalves ^( says:

    Ummm ok

  • Rifet Okic ^( says:

    6gb ram instead of 4gb
    Procreate <——
    4 speakers
    It’s just the king of tablets 👑

  • prismstudios001 ^( says:

    You seem kind of tense there….Go get some coffee, and calm the Hell down. iPads kick butt….I have three of them, and I love my little herd, and the addiction behind it 

  • Cajun Viking ^( says:

    I'm getting it for digital art and portability compared to my xp pen artist 15.6 pro. Not a fan of the pencil but it's a solid product for what you need. And nearly all my other products (phone, other tabs, washer dryer) are all Samsung. Whatever lol

  • Pedro Gaming TIME! ^( says:

    Linux tech tips

  • Caleb Waddell ^( says:

    There's a reason why I have dbrand skins on all of my devices. There isn't a company with better marketing.

  • We did it boys 69k likes!

  • Hiren Blob ^( says:

    Apple 2050:iPhone doesnt exist use your iMagination

  • tredogzs ^( says:

    click bait bullshit, thx youtube… start banning NOT promoting

  • Valkilrie ^( says:

    I hate that these pointless tech channels get shown first in search results. Lets have the PC idiot of youtube talk about Apple products. Asinine.

  • michal ^( says:

    love ipad to read magazines and papers

  • Rayan Saidani ^( says:

    This is good for young students like secondery student

  • Dustin Hassenmayer ^( says:

    The reason I chose an iPad is for note taking. Mac books are great but without the touch screen its hard to take notes for engineering classes with all the equations. If I just wanted a laptop I would go for something other than Mac book anyway

  • Tester India ^( says:

    Trust me ‘screwed up’ in the title is just a clickbait,rest of the video he talked about how amazing iPad Pro is
    Seriously DUDE😑

  • Jeff Untalan ^( says:

    Oh my god, I'm Jeff.

  • Jon N ^( says:

    I have a Lenovo Flex 5 14", as well as a custom Windows desktop, and I'm thinking about purchasing a 2020 iPad because it seems to be the best solution for an art tablet. The exclusivity of the app Procreate honestly might be one of the biggest factors, but I'm very intrigued by the talk about the Apple pencil too. In case anyone was wondering. Also, I own no other Apple products, so I feel a bit weird even thinking about it ψ(._. )>

  • Benny Wolfe ^( says:

    I’m pretty sure that Marques brownlee loves the iPad Pro