Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

2020-11-17 14:01:00
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Apple M1 Mac Review: Time to Recalibrate!

The Macbook with M1 chip is… different. Time to think a little different about laptops.

That shirt: ^(

Tech I’m using right now: ^(

Intro Track: Equilibre by Hocus Pocus
Playlist of MKBHD Intro music: ^(

Laptop provided by Apple for review.

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macbook review

macbook review


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  • Oliver Malfoy ^( says:

    Best Intro 😂

  • Carlos Diaz ^( says:

    Nearly flawless clone technique on the intro. Reminder to match or lock focus between captures/clips. Also, the color grading might be slightly different from pro to con versions of you? Might just be the slight blur throwing me off. Hopefully not coming across as too critical. Probably imperceptible to majority. Keep up the good work!

  • Clayton Petree ^( says:

    Marques – I don't understand how you guys are getting such incredible battery life. I just word process, listen to music, watch youtube and the battery on my M1 Macbook Air is done in one day.

  • Sinh Nguyen ^( says:

    The downside! That's a lot of P from my mom!

  • Carlos Salcedo ^( says:

    Wait what !!!! Twins !!!!!!!! 😕😕

  • PAAVAN SHENOY ^( says:

    Thank you so much for this video!! I wanted to buy a MacBook and this helped me a lot!! Awesome video!! Keep going!! 😊❤

  • Nishion Powell ^( says:

    Can you do a recap on the SSD issue

  • Simona Strand ^( says:

    Which configuration do you prefer for mac book m1? Ram and memory?

  • SamaAbe ^( says:

    can we see a review like 4 months later or something? These things cost lots of money and i feel like i need a more in depth review a couple months later after heavy use. But good review thanks!

  • Javier Reyes ^( says:

    can’t even run half life 1 (1998)

  • menotu 000 ^( says:

    I can't wait to see an M1/M2 iMac

  • FUR_ANIMATION ^( says:

    apple is super cool

  • UrinatingTheCrowd ^( says:

    Brilliant conclusion my dude

  • Cattuch Tuch ^( says:

    m1 chip vs intel core which one is stronger…?

  • Philip Drew ^( says:

    I hate this guys mannerisms, such a proud shit.

  • Steve of Queanbeyan ^( says:

    Having constant problems with my USB-C external display. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Then there are the numerous crashes. Sometimes I spend a great deal of time just to wake the thing and get the external display going. Enormously frustrating. Wish I waited for the iMac.

  • Weston .K ^( says:

    Sooooooo I should buy it?

  • Daniel Claggett ^( says:

    I went from a late 2011 macbook pro mainly using the adobe suite and app development to the M1 MacBook pro spec'ed up. I am very happy with it and I am really excited to see the further expansion of the M1 tech.

  • Abid Khan ^( says:

    i think microsoft and intel both will pack up after this lol

  • Sean Riley ^( says:

    You’re the best Marquis, so honest and informative, thanks 🙏. Mind made up now.

  • West West ^( says:

    Jesus Christ Apple killed it

  • Frizzophobia ^( says:

    Marques Brownlee is THE company. His employees is a clone OF Marques.

  • Preyas Lokhande ^( says:

    hi there I am your YouTube subscriber and I bought MacBook Pro m1 under your guidance and thoughts on it ..but after using for almost one month I am facing an issues regarding the cursor lag what happens is that whenever I restart my Mac the cursor gets frozen at one place.Please guide me to fix this issue

  • Floyd Mupedziswa ^( says:

    Hie guys ive been testing the new covid 19 vaccine for about a week now and so far no side effects at all !

  • علی ف ^( says:

    4:42 ^( you said that I charged laptop 100% but on the left side is written that last time charged to 59%

  • Dsgnr Luke ^( says:

    i love the intro

  • ABEL SHOEDON ^( says:

    The rhetorical brochure scilly follow because sushi aboaly drop via a accessible accelerator. defeated, purring soy

  • Joel León ^( says:

    Playing world of Warcraft at max everything I realised the battery isn’t really such a big step up , lasted 1.5 hours hahaha , kinda same as my 2020 MacBook Pro haha

  • Claude Robbin ^( says:

    3:29 ^( me watching netflix🤔🤔🤔

  • Donald Holman ^( says:

    great review. Thank you.

  • Maurice Joyner ^( says:

    My first MacBook Pro, M1 13 inches 8 GB of RAM 256 GB SSD, absolutely love it

  • Maitreya Kanitkar ^( says:

    maybe marues just introduced his twin brother spartacus

  • Anish Pai ^( says:

    There is a demographic apart from Pro Creators and Moms/Dads. A normal user. A student. A casual but significant user. 90% of the videos on youtube talk about how this is good or bad for creators but in reality 95% of the population does not need the Mac Pros and stuff. For a normal user the Macbook Air/Pro M1 is an amazing buy. Apple for the first time has married specs and price perfectly. This review should have emphazied on that.

  • Nir Hason ^( says:

    0:41 ^( I KNEW IT! IT'S FAKE! 😛

  • Mohammad Farhan ^( says:

    Apple be like: its just the trailer son

  • Justin Kniesel ^( says:

    Badass editing on this video

  • Donnie Baker ^( says:

    The jaded great-grandfather isely pass because lute radiographically dream about a large bay. free, accidental weed

  • ralph nicolas ^( says:

    Hi Marque can you please do another review of this i heard there was an update, can you tell us how was it after the update?

    Hope you read this thanks!!

  • duiio ^( says:

    The thing is im still in school and until I am gonna get a mac is probaply in 5 years and I think within 5 years there is gonna be many changes.

  • Arokia Vijay ^( says:

    Hey bro! I just bought an 2020 MacBook Pro yesterday and I found an issue. When I shutdown the laptop it’s seems like power off. But when I press any key from keyboard or trackpad the laptop is tiring on. In apple’s website they says it’s a new feature which I never hear about that. Is this a really new feature or it’s a problem in my laptop? Please let me know I am so worrying dude😔😔