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Aik Hai Nigar-A homage done right #theviraltime


Aik Hai Nigar-A homage done right #theviraltime

With at least 5.4 Million views on YouTube, Aik Hai Nigar is currently trending on number one across Pakistan for all the right reasons. Coming to the television premiere of the film, it has accumulated 5.2 TRPs, becoming the slot winner for Saturday evening.

Pakistani media scene witnessed very few biopics in history, let alone biopics made on women of Pakistan. Aik Hai Nigar is hands down one of the most powerful, emotional and heartwarming biopics Pakistan has ever made.

With dreams filling her eyes, and goals higher than the sky, little Nigar always wanted to be a General and a doctor. Soon after her intermediate, she decided to get enrolled in the Army Medical College to get one step closer to her dreams. Her exceptional intellect and consistency helped her become a doctor.

On the other hand, her parents found a prospect for her named Johar Ali Khan and she agreed to marry him. Sure, at first their financial conditions were not grand, but as time passed, things started to look better. Not only Mr. Johar supported Nigar at every step, but he also made sure to be there for her whenever she needed him; when her parents and sister passed away in a road accident, and when she spent long hours treating terrorist attack patients.

However, Mr. Johar’s health deteriorated and he passed away. He was not there to throw another party when Nigar became a General. She came to the house, all alone, with no parents, no husband, no family. Apart from Lt. Gen. Nigar’s determination and patriotism, her countless sacrifices have also acted together to help her achieve all this success.

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Impeccable direction, powerful script, masterful acting, and of course, Lt. General Nigar Johar’s life story have made Aik Hai Nigar receive a massive outpouring of love and appreciation. Calling her the epitome of courage and bravery is not an understatement, for, she put Pakistan, and the people of Pakistan before anything else.

The people, both drama aficionados and others took to social media to show their contentment on Aik Hai Nigar and to express their emotions on the depiction of this powerful story.

Aik hai Nigar

Aik Hai NigarAik Hai NigarMany commented to appreciate Mahira Khan for putting so much effort into the portrayal of Gen. Nigar.

Aik Hai NigarAik Hai NigarAik Hai NigarMoreover, Bilal Ashraf is also being lauded for the depiction of Mr. Johar Ali Khan, Gen. Nigar’s husband. He literally went an extra mile to play him.

Aik Hai NigarAik Hai Nigar

Apart from Mahira Khan and Bilal Ashraf, fans also praised Khushhal Khan, Sohail Saleem and others, for their commendable acting.

What about Aik Hai Nigar did you love the most? Have your say in the comments’ section below.

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