February 6, 2023

A Jovial Televised Spanking From Steve Harvey | Baseless Claims Podcast Ep. 138 Theviraltime

A Jovial Televised Spanking From Steve Harvey | Baseless Claims Podcast Ep. 138

Welcome to our special Valentine’s Day episode of the podcast! Before we dive into the day of love, we take the time to discuss Game Show hosts like Steve Harvey and Howie Mandel being able to spank you live on television. Next, we look at how to celebrate V-day as an introvert or with your introverted partner with a new edition of Health Hacks. After that we talk about how to get yourself a date for Valentine’s Day and some great ways to cancel those plans in a polite way. Lastly, we hit the most romantic website, Craigslist, to find that perfect partner for the day of love with a new Missed Connections segment!

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