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Simple recipes with cheese for everyone

There is no denying that cheese is delicious, especially when it comes to cooking with cheese. There are limitless recipes you can try with all different varieties of cheese, such as mozzarella, parmesan cheese or cheddar cheese. Since it is such a delicious ingredient for cooking and filled with protein we created some simple and delicious recipes with cheese that can try right away. In addition, we included some bonus cooking hacks and tips to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable.

1. Simplest macaroni and cheese recipe.
If you are at work or would like to have macaroni and cheese as a snack instead of making a huge pot of food. Try this little trick that will literally take you 3 minutes to make this meal. In a mug, add a scoop of pasta, then, add the adequate amount of water and microwave for 2 minutes. Stir it really well and make sure there is no more water left in the mug. Then add some milk and cheese and stir until the cheese into the mug and Bon Appetite.

2. Delicious cheese toastie recipe
If you would like to have a nice cheese toast fast but you don’t own a grill, don’t let that stop you. Apply some butter on a slice of bread on both sides, then, add two slices of cheddar cheese and then another slice of bread with butter spread on it. Then, place your sandwich in a kitchen foil and seal it. After that, take your clothing iron and place it on top of the toastie for a couple of minutes max, then turn it and press the other side as well with your clothing iron and, there you have it.

3. DIY cheddar sticks
This might as well be the most delicious treat in the whole world. Take a block of cheddar cheese and cut it in rectangular blocks. Place one wooden stick in each block. Then, dip it into flour, after that dip it into an egg wash, and finally in breadcrumbs. Lastly, boil some oil and fry your cheesy sticks. Enjoy with some ketchup or the sauce of your choice.

4. Oil Hack!
Instead of accidentally pouring excess oil on your food or your frying pan. Pour some oil in a clean spray bottle and start spraying. This way you’ll be able to monitor how much oil you consume and also keep your meals healthier.

5.How to make your own iced coffee
Make your filter coffee, or your espresso, or your instant coffee with hot water as you would normally do with or without sugar. (Do Not add milk). Then pour it into your ice tray and place it in the freezer. When it’s time for you to have a nice glass of iced coffee, instead of running to the closest coffee shop, just take 5-6 cubes of the iced coffee you prepared, place them in a glass with some milk or water and stir. Enjoy!

0:07 – DIY mugshot mac and cheese
0:33 – Cool cheese toastie
1:12 – Cheese grate hack
1:34 – DIY cheesy sticks
2:13 – Delicious ham and cheese toastie recipe
4:02 – Cookie decorating trick
4:32 – How to reseal a plastic bag
5:04 – How to make your bananas last longer
5:20 – Amazing oil trick
5:51 – How to soften hard bread
6:07 – Frozen yogurt treats
6:22 – DIY peeler
6:34 – Strawberry and chocolate recipe
7:34 – Ice tray hacks
8:01 – How to make iced coffee
8:51 – Oreo cookies trick
9:23 – How to cut a watermelon (easy)
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how to make cheese

how to make cheese


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