January 29, 2023

18 Coolest Gadgets You Must See Theviraltime

18 Coolest Gadgets You Must See

Today I’ll prove to you that your glasses can do more than just correct vision and that a fire extinguisher may double as a stylish accessory. Watch also https://youtu.be/-uQHAKM-fBA and https://youtu.be/0OspaXWWcvw

0:00 Introduction
0:11 Amplla Husseсhuck and Shield: http://bit.ly/3XvazNt
0:34 Groove Wallet: https://geni.us/GrooveWallet
1:06 Scribit The Drawing Robot: http://bit.ly/3GI3BPa
1:46 Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel: https://geni.us/GreenworksSnowShovel || https://geni.us/SnowShovel80V || https://geni.us/SnowShovel40V
2:11 Eleaudio The Maglev Bluetooth Speaker: http://bit.ly/3U9AEyB
2:29 Frontier X2 Smart Heart Monitor: https://geni.us/FrontierX2HeartMonitor
2:56 Earzz Multi-Purpose Smart Home Monitor: http://bit.ly/3OAe0hV
3:26 Luxafor Cube: https://geni.us/LuxaforCube
3:54 Mirrosky Smart Telescope: http://bit.ly/3gv1TWI
4:21 Yanko Design Smart Tea Pot: http://bit.ly/3u3fVBX
4:43 SeniTurn Smart Cycle Safety Hand Light: http://bit.ly/3EB3hz7
5:03 Kiwifotos Mouse Bungee: https://geni.us/KiwifotosMouseBungee
5:18 Lixl Impressive 3d Light: : http://bit.ly/3hHYJzl
5:55 Heatbit The First Heater That Mines Bitcoin: http://bit.ly/3V5hlYL (Use ZHP5KALJCA promo code to get 5% OFF)
6:16 Flir One Edge Pro Thermal Camera: https://bit.ly/3EYQS9s
6:45 SuperHexa Vision Most Powerful Dual-Cam AR Glasses: http://bit.ly/3GFRTEH
7:17 Utility Fishface EDC Tool: https://geni.us/18in1PocketMultiTool
7:41 Water-Walker: http://bit.ly/3i9c3gm

Price chart:
$ – under $50
$$ – $50 – $100
$$$ – $100 – $500
$$$$ – $500+

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