Smriti Irani trying to convince everyone Monday is a fun day is all of us #theviraltimecom


In the post, Smriti Irani has shared her feelings about Mondays and they seem rather relatable.

By Amrita Kohli

PUBLISHED ON FEB 22, 2021 11:05 AM IST

Are you groggily sitting in front of your laptop rubbing your eyes or have been rushing to get to work? Well, yet another Monday is here and chances are you’re trying to make the best of this day even if it means counting down the number of days to the next weekend. If you too feel this way, this post shared by Union minister Smriti Irani on Instagram will hit you right in the feels.

Irani is known for sharing some quirky and interesting posts on her Instagram profile and this recent one is no different. In the post, Irani has shared her feelings about Mondays and they seem rather relatable.

The post comprises a tiny clip from the famous TV show Friends and features Chandler and Monica. Only, they represent Mondays and you. “When you are trying to convince everyone, Monday is a funday,” Irani wrote in her post. Take a look at her entire post below:

Shared some two hours ago, the post has collected over 2,800 likes and several comments from people. From posting laughing emojis to sharing their reactions to Monday, people have shared various comments on the post.

“Monday started really early… working from 5am. I want to go back to Sunday already,” wrote an individual. “Haha… that’s very true,” posted another. “No matter how hard we try to convince ma’am it isn’t gonna be fun day at all,” added a third.

What’s your take on Mondays? Can the day be a fun day according to you?




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