She tricked partner in checking car to surprise him with dog. Watch his reaction #theviraltimecom


“So cute,” wrote an Instagram user while commenting on the video.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON FEB 19, 2021 06:01 PM IST

Every now and then we come across such videos on the Internet which fill our hearts with a warm feeling. They leave us smiling and happy. Case in point, this video shows how a woman surprised her boyfriend with a super cute puppy.

The video was shared on Instagram by a user of the photo and video sharing platform Tiana Kaylyn.

The video opens to show the man standing in front of a car. A text on the screen explains that the woman told him that she spilled something on the front seat of the car and he is checking the same. Within momens, the real surprise is revealed. We won’t give away much, take a look at how he reacts:

Isn’t it an adorable tiny puppy? While sharing the video, Kaylyn also tagged a profile created for the corgi named Sparco.

A video showing Sparco coming home with pet mom to meet its dad was also shared on the pooch’s Instagram profile.

The video won people over and that’s clear from the tons of love-filled comments they shared on both the posts.

“Congrats on your new family!” wrote an Instagram user. “So cute,” commented another. “I am literally sobbing,” said a third.

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