Mischievous cat Tiger shamelessly chomps on pancakes during online sermon. Watch #theviraltimecom


The video was shared on official Instagram profile of Shared by Canterbury Cathedral.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON FEB 20, 2021 04:26 PM IST

An online sermon being delivered by a senior British clergyman took a hilariously cat-astrophic but adorable turn when a feline named Tiger decided to munch on some pancakes mid-session.

Shared by Canterbury Cathedral on their official Instagram profile, the video shows the intrepid cat nuzzling the Dean of Canterbury as he reads the sermon. The feline then starts looking somewhere else before spotting the delicious food kept on a table nearby. The video ends with The Very Reverend Dr Robert Willis smiling, scratching the feline, and saying, “’Well Tiger has found some breakfast, it’s Pancake Day for him as well so we’re not too sorry about that.’

Take a look at the video which shows this adorably hilarious incident:

Since being shared, the post has gathered nearly 4,900 views. It has also accumulated tons of comments.

“I love Dean Robert’s interactions with Tiger, Winston, Clemmie, the chickens, etc. A lovely way to start the day…with God and the Dean (and friends),” wrote an Instagram user. Tiger is one of several cats who live at Canterbury Cathedral. Last year, another of his feline friend Leo also made headlines after he decided to disappear beneath the Dean of Canterbury’s robes and that too during an ongoing sermon.

“Good for Tiger to be outside! Enjoy your pancakes!” shared another. “Well done naughty Tiger. Enjoy your pancakes and milk,” expressed a third.

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Netizens shared amusing comments in response to the Reddit post. (representational image)(Reddit)
Netizens shared amusing comments in response to the Reddit post. (representational image)(Reddit)

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