Meteorologist’s tweet about his grandma’s love wins people. It’s heartwarming #theviraltimecom


The wholesome post has now left people emotional.

By Trisha Sengupta

PUBLISHED ON FEB 21, 2021 04:41 PM IST

If you’re in mood for some wholesome content, then this tweet is just what the doctor ordered. Shared on Twitter by Albert Ramon, chief meteorologist for USA-based television news program NewsNation on WGN America, the post is absolutely heartwarming. It is one of such posts which may fill your heart with a warm fuzzy feeling.

“Grandma sends me a text every night. She records all her telenovelas and watches me live… that’s love right there!” he tweeted. Ramon’s post is completed with a screenshot of his chat with his grandmother.

Take a look:

Since being shared, the post has gathered more than 1,500 likes. It has also received tons of appreciative comments from people. Many commented on the sweet relationship that a grandmother shares with her grandkid. A few also shared snippets of their relationship with their grandmas. Just like this individual who wrote, “My Abuela always used to ask me if I was warm enough. Even if it was 100 outside.”

“You’re so lucky to have her to watch! I know she’s proud,” shared a Twitter user. “Oh, to know the love of grandparents. There is no other. Treasure it. Thanks for sharing! Miss my momo!’ wrote another. “Thank you for sharing your happy news. It is greatly appreciated during these hard times. It made me smile,” expressed a third.

What do you think of the tweet?

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