Gnocchi the cat makes these adorable noises when she wakes up. Watch #theviraltimecom


“Alexa, play soft kitty,” is what you may want to say after watching and hearing Gnocchi.

By Amrita Kohli

PUBLISHED ON FEB 19, 2021 04:40 PM IST

Have the TGIF feels hit you already? Are you all set with your plans for the upcoming weekend? Well, if your need some help, let Gnocchi the cat inspire you to get some zzzzzs that you may have missed during the week.

A video montage shared on Reddit shows Gnocchi waking some from her naptime. What’s makes the recording wonderful is the adorable noises she makes upon waking up.

If you love cats, Gnocchi is sure to melt your heart into a puddle. Watch the share below and enjoy over three minutes of delightful Gnocchi time:

Within 10 hours of being shared on Reddit’s ‘aww’ subreddit, the video has received over 32,000 upvotes and more than 500 comments. Gnocchi’s cuteness has prompted many to share their heartening reactions.

“Omg the chirps,” posted an individual. “I would always be tempted to wake the kitty up,” shared another. We’d be tempted too.

“Such a beautiful and loving girl, with the cutest noises. Did make me want to say ‘ooh big stretch’ quite a few times,” added a third. “My cat does the exact same thing! This is the first I’ve seen of another cat doing the chirp when they wake up,” wrote a fourth sharing their own experience with their pet kitty.

“3 minutes of this cat making an adorable noise – I think I am in heaven,” an individual posted and we couldn’t agree more.

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