Feeding time for seven adorable cats documented in this wonderful video. Watch #theviraltimecom


Having a pet can drastically change one’s life. But have you wondered what it’s like for people with more than one pets? Well, here’s a wonderful video that shows what feeding time looks like for a family with seven cats. Yes, you read that right.

Now before you think it would be all mayhem with so many kitties, wait till you see the video. The clip has been captioned, “Our twice daily dose of marginally controlled chaos”. And the video shows that quite well.

The clip shows all seven cats, that seem rather well behaved, wait their turn for food. Of course the kitties show excitement for their meals but it’s adorable the way they obey their hooman who gives them their food.

In case you’re wondering, the cats are named, Valerie, Angela, Benjamin, Michaelangelo, Simon, Omar and Marigold from left to right. Aren’t they all delightful?

Posted some 11 hours ago, the video has collected over 4,000 upvotes and lots of comments from impressed people. While some have posted questions about the cats, others have left appreciative comments in the share.

“You must have started them as kittens? That is amazing! I can’t get one to sit still,” shared an individual. To this, Reddit user drekicreations, who shared the video, replied, “The 3 on the left were started as kittens but the other 4 were all started midlife”.

In another comment they explained further:

“Those are some very well trained cats! This is adorable. Haha I feel bad for the one fed last, but also he looks like the troublemaker,” wrote another. Reddit user drekicreations replied to this as well…

“You are truly cat whisperer! I would love for mine to do this. Best I get is the ‘sit’ before the bowl goes down,” posted a third. “Seriously the sweetest thing I’ve seen all week!” commented a fourth.

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