Dog missing for 43 days rescued and reunited with family in Michigan #theviraltimecom


The dog stranded in an old bunker style silo.

By Srimoyee Chowdhury

PUBLISHED ON FEB 24, 2021 09:52 AM IST

If you’re looking for something heartwarming, this rescue story of a dog named Milo may just do the trick. Shared by Kent County Animal Shelter on Facebook, the tale may just leave you feeling inexplicably happy.

“Our weekend Animal Control Officers received a call this morning regarding a dog possibly stranded near an old grain elevator in Sand Lake, MI. The dog had been heard barking for a few days per town residents. Our caller had investigated the area and believed him to be stuck under a silo so contacted Animal Control for assistance,” reads the opening lines of the post’s caption. It goes on to describe how the dog was rescued with assistance of helpful neighbours around the area.

The next few lines explain how the organisation got in touch with Milo’s humans. “Lost Paws, LLC was able to assist in locating a posting for a similar dog that had been missing from a neighboring town since 1/8/2021! They contacted the missing dog’s owners and were able to confirm the found dog was in fact, Milo a Springer Spaniel, that had last been spotted in early February,” it adds.

Reads Milo’s rescue story and don’t forget to grab some tissues as the wholesome tale may leave you shedding happy tears.

Shared on February 22, the post has garnered over 2,600 reactions and tons of reactions. People flooded the comments section with appreciation and lauded the department’s efforts.

“Yay for happy endings! Bless you for helping our furry friends,” wrote a Facebook user. “This story brought tears to my eyes. What a happy ending,” commented another. ”Oh that poor baby, Can’t imagine what has gone through his mind being alone and stranded like that. I’m so happy he was found and back with his family,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this rescue story?

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